Social Selling Courses

Execus Social Selling Certification Program is about acknowledging that the world has changed, our buyers buy differently today and that we must adapt to this change by embracing digital and social.
In this course we will understand that our buyer has changed and therefore we, as sellers, also need to change! We will see Social Selling as a response to this change: Social Buying and also we will learn some metrics to measure how well we are adapting to this change. We will make the case to being social and it will be very important to understand the true opportunity behind the paradigm shift.
With our social Selling program you will:

  • Acquire a digital and social mindset
  • Learn from knowlede aquired with 10+ years and 200+ customer companies
  • Practice the best proven strategies
  • Become certified by the first LinkedIn approved training company in Europe

Measurable results (*):

  • Accelerate your sales process > x3 times faster closing
  • Improve your pipeline > +45% increase in value
  • Increase sales > +15% more closed deals

(*) average results after 6 months


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