Social Selling with Linkedin Sales Navigator

Be 3x more productive! This LinkedIn Sales Navigator tutorial is not focused on the tool, but on how to make the Inbound and Outbound sale processes more effective.

In this course we will see how an amazing software like LinkedIn Sales Navigator makes the inbound and outbound sales processes much efficient and productive, by making information is more available and at hand. In the time that it would take us research and advance with one target in our methodology, with sales navigator we could be easily be 3 times more productive and advance with 3 target individuals.

Modules and related segments in this Course:

  • IV.I Introduction: Social Selling with Sales Navigator Linkedin
    • Welcome
    • The Methodology
    • Our learning journey
  • IV.II First Steps 
    • Product Options
    • Set-up
    • Understanding the interface
    • Adjust Settings
    • CRM Sync
    • CRM Widgets
    • Mobile App
  • IV.III Searching for Leads 
    • Searching for leads
    • Quick Search
    • Advanced Search with Filters
    • Save Searches
    • Search Results Page
    • Filtering our Results
    • Sales Spotlights
    • Unlocking profiles
  • IV.IV Account Pages
    • Introduction
    • Quick Search
    • Advanced Account Search with Filters
    • Search Results Page and Spotlights
    • Understanding Account Pages
  • IV.V Qualification 
    • How qualification fits in our Methodology
    • Understanding Leads
    • Saving Leads
    • Saving Accounts
    • The power of Teamlink
  • IV.VI Starting Conversations 
    • Starting Conversations
    • Introductions
    • Actionable Insights
    • PointDrive I. Creating a Presetation
    • PointDrive II. Understanding Insights
    • InMail
  • IV.VII Summary and Test
    • Recap: Sales Navigator
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