Social Selling for Directors

Understand the opportunitites of Social and Digital Selling and the secrets of a successful Program! From Strategy, Organization and Systems to a successfull roll-out.

Social and Digital Sales are a popular trend amongst sales people that understand the benefits of applying Social to their day to day activities. At a croporate level, the benefits of Social Selling are also very relevant. In this course, Directors at organizations will understand the potential of the Social and Digital Transformation in Sales; how it affects the Strategy, Organization, Systems and people and How to implement a successful social selling program.

Modules and related segments in this Course:

  • V.I Introduction
    • Welcome
    • Digital Transformation in Sales
    • Our learning journey
  • V.II Social Selling Strategy
    • New models are here to stay
    • Marketing and Sales Alignment
    • Mapping the new sales Process
    • Realistic Objectives
  • V.III Sales Organization
    • Traditional structure
    • Business Development and Key Accounts
    • Inside Sales - Field Sales
    • SDRs, Account Executives and Client Success
  • V.IV Systems and KPIs
    • Measure, improve, repeat
    • Setting KPIs
    • Sales Technology Stack
    • Looking into the future
  • V.V Change of Culture
    • Training, Adoption and Quick Wins
    • Sponsorship and Coaching
  • V.VI Program Roll-out
    • Program Structure
    • Phases and Methodology
    • Resources
    • Setting expectations (SSI, length)
  • V.VII Summary and Test
    • Recap: Social Selling for Directors
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