Becoming a Digital Leader

Lead the social and digitals efforts of your organization by becoming a visible and recognized reference in your field. Become a digital leader and attract opportunities!

Executives around the world that are taking part in the social and digital revolution and are seeing the benefits of being open and transparent. Digital and Real-life are two sides of the same coin and a true leader needs to understand and embrace both worlds as two parts of the same reality. In this course we will see how to master digital and social to be able to incorporate this reality into your day-to-day activity. Become a digital leader!

Modules and related segments in this Course:

  • VI.I Introduction
    • Welcome
    • Embracing online and offline
    • Our learning journey
  • VI.II Seducing our Audience
    • Building our Brand
    • Connecting with the Right People
    • Engaging with Stakeholders
  • VI.III Staying Informed
    • Staying Informed
    • Managing our feed
    • Staying on Top of News
    • Staying on Top of Competitors
  • VI.IV Attracting oportunitites
    • Becoming a  reference
    • Online and Offline:  Two realities
    • 10 Step daily Action Plan
    • The Secret Ingredient
  • VI.V Building a Successful Business
    • Involving our organization
    • Accelerate Business
    • Attract Talent
  • VI.VI Summary and Test
    • Recap: Becoming a Digital Leader
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