Social Selling: Attracting leads

An amazing way to build a business is by gaining visibility and attracting leads! In this course we will see all the secrets to becoming a sales magnet.

In this Course we will see the benefits of finding new business by attracting leads or potential clients. In order to achieve great results we will need an Inbound Sales Strategy, a group of tactics, methods and actions that will help us gain visibility and attract leads. We will describe the 7 steps of a successful practice: Presence, Content, Distribution, Community, Growth and Metrics. Become a reference in your field!

Modules and related segments in this Course:

  • Introduction: Attracting leads
    • Welcome
    • Our Learning Journey
    • Attracting Leads
  • Content Strategy
    • Content is King
    • Content Matrix
    • Content placement
    • Content Frequency
    • Content Format
    • Content Creation
  • Distribution Strategy
    • Distribution is Queen
    • Methodology
    • Groups
    • Promotion
  • Community Creation
    • The Best Predictor of Success
    • Options
  • Growth Plan
    • Community Growth
    • Connections
    • Groups
  • Tools and Metrics
    • Tracking Success
    • Impact of our Content
    • Impact of our Actions
    • External Sites
  • Summary and Test
    • Recap: Attracting Leads

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