Introduction to Social Selling

Your buyer has changed! Learn how it affects you and what you need to do to be a sucessful seller in this digital and social world.

In this course we will understand that our buyer has changed and therefore we, as sellers, also need to change! We will see Social Selling as a response to this change: Social Buying and also we will learn some metrics to measure how well we are adapting to this change. We will make the case to being social and it will be very important to understand the true opportunity behind the paradigm shift.

Modules and related segments in this Course:

  • I.I Introduzione
    • Welcome
    • Our Learning Journey
    • Social Buying and Social Selling
    • Introducing Social Selling
    • Social Selling Index
  • I.II Why be Social
    • Introduction
    • Paradigm shift
    • The real oportunity
    • How to be Social
  • I.III Basics: Be present
    • Why do you need a professional Brand?
    • Showcasing your Brand on LinkedIn
    • Building Trust: Recommendations
  • I.IV Basics: Be Heard
    • Why would we be heard?
    • Tone, Topics and Frequency
    • How to: Messaging
    • How to: Sharing
    • How to: Groups
  • I.V Basics: Listen
    • Why do we need to listen?
    • What are we listening for? Triggers
    • Your Personal Triggers
    • Social listening Tools
  • I.VI Summary and Test
    • Recap:Basic Social Selling
    • Test
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